I am thankful for many things.  I am thankful for the life I had growing up.  My parents provided an environment where we were constantly challenged to hone our problem-solving skills.  On the farm, you don’t have time to wait for the mechanic, electrician, welder or even doctor to show up.  You fix the problem and you move on.

I am thankful for technical colleges like NAIT.  Happily cramming 4 yrs worth of study into 2 and turning out well trained graduates hungry for a demanding work force that needs them.

I am thankful for getting into Alberta's Oil and Gas Process Piping Design when I did. I found myself at the budding stages of what would become a thriving economy. Providing an environment which allowed me to improve upon my 3D modeling skills.

I am thankful for BlueFalls Manufacturing.  For providing me a new challenge.  The opportunity to take what I've learned from 3D Piping Design and move into the Manufacturing Sector.  To do something with 3D manufacturing software that had not been done before and for investing in the environment to succeed.  For this I thank Darcy Amendt, CEO of Blue Falls Manufacturing, the maker of Arctic Spas.

I am thankful for Keystone 3D Technical Services Ltd.  Keystone 3D has provided me new challenges.  To take the skills that I've learned and build a business around them.  To help others who may not have access to such technology for various reasons and to provide them the high-end product development, peace of mind and security they need with out the high cost and tremendous learning curve that the product development industry is known for.

I am thankful for the many fine people who I have had the privilege of knowing.  You know who you are and please know that you are a fine example of the human species.  God bless you!

I am humbly thankful for my lovely wife.  She is a wife to someone who does not deserve her, a mother to 5 extremely cute children and a provider of all the incentive in the world I need to excel at my work.  Wifie, …Thank you!

And most importantly, I am thankful for a saving faith.  The Lord provides, ladies and gentlemen.  I would hope that my life is a small reflection of thankfulness for all that he’s given to me and to my family.